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Summer Camps & Programs Planner FAQ

Planning Your Summer Program or Camp

Am I eligible to host my summer program or camp at UVA? 

Eligibility depends on whether you represent an external organization or internal UVA department or program. If you are a planner from an outside organization, you must have a UVA Sponsor. There must be an educational component to conferences or camps hosted by external groups on UVA Grounds, and the program's UVA Sponsor must be able to vouch for the fact that the program's educational mission aligns with that of the University.

Please see our Sponsorship FAQ for more information.

When is UVA housing available for conferences and camps?

Housing accommodations are available for use by summer camps, conferences, and internships during the summer, when they are not occupied by students. Availability starts in late May immediately after graduation weekend, and ends the first week of August.

How far in advance do I need to submit a planning request for a conference or camp that requires summer housing?

Conferences@UVA begins planning for the upcoming summer conference season during the preceding fall. Returning conference clients are notified by email and offered priority room reservations from October 1 to November 1. The non-refundable registration fee of $1,000 is due at this time to confirm the room spaces required.

After November 1, we begin accepting new client planning requests for summer camps or conferences with on-Grounds housing. Reservations for new conferences or camps are handled in the order they are received, and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Planning requests are accommodated whenever possible, based on availability.  

What is the registration fee and why is it necessary?

When you are offered room reservations for your program, a non-refundable registration fee of $1,000 is due to confirm the on-Grounds room spaces required. The registration fee serves as a good faith measure of your intent to host a program at the University. It also allows Conferences@UVA to proceed with making arrangements for your program.

The registration fee is a non-refundable deposit that will be applied toward the program’s final invoice, or retained in the event that the program is cancelled.  

When is the registration fee due?

The $1,000 registration fee is due immediately after submitting a formal summer planning request. Your program's summer housing will not be confirmed until the fee has been received.

If the fee is not received, housing cannot be guaranteed.

What forms of payment are accepted for the registration fee and other costs?

Internal UVA departments hosting UVA programs may use a the appropriate Workday Finance designated worktags to pay for services.  

All other groups must pay by credit card or valid check made out to The University of Virginia.

What are your housing rates?

The current housing rates for Summer 2024 conferences are as follows. Note that all housing is air-conditioned.

5.3% sales tax will be added to the final bill for any program that is not tax exempt.

  • Residence Halls
    Per person, per night, double $33.00
    Per person, per night, single $41.00
  • Apartments and Suites
    Per person, per night, double $37.00
    Per person, per night, single $47.00
  • Lawn/Range Rooms
    Per person, per night, single $44.00

For more information about available on-Grounds summer housing options, visit our On-Grounds Housing page.

Are the residence halls accessible (ADA compliant)?

While all of our residence halls are accessible, the level of accessibility varies by housing area, and accessible guest parking is not immediately adjacent to the accessible entrances of the buildings.

It is also important to note that UVA’s Grounds are expansive, and your event's location may require some walking to and from your accommodations. For example, guests staying in Alderman Road residence halls can expect about a 15-minute walk from the residence area to the Lawn and Central Grounds.

Please see the University's accessibility map for the Alderman Road area and the map of all University parking areas for additional information.

What if my group needs parking?

If your participants require on-Grounds parking, we can assist with identifying the appropriate lot and obtaining temporary permits from Parking & Transportation (P&T) for your staff or guests who need them. Billing for parking may be added to your program’s conference bill.

P&T's Permit Parking Map shows all on-Grounds parking areas.

What if my group requires a meal plan?

If your participants require a meal plan at one of the University's dining halls, we can make those arrangements with the University's Dining Services, and add the cost of meals to your program’s conference bill.

Conferences and Dining require the program to submit a written two-week guarantee for meals. The program will be charged that guarantee in their final bill, or the cost for the actual number of meals, whichever amount is higher. 

Links to dining hall and catering information are available on our Catering & Dining Services page.

What if I need catering for my group?

If you need catering for your program participants, we can help! Conferences@UVA partners with The Virginia Catering Company and other providers to develop meal plans, menus, and other culinary offerings that work best for your program and your budget.

Are laundry facilities available to conference guests?

Yes, laundry facilities are open to conference guests. Please see our Laundry page for laundry room locations and instructions.

Do conference guests have access to fitness facilities?  

Yes! Conference guests may purchase a University Visitor membership for one day, one week, two weeks, one month, or two months at Intramural-Recreational Sports Department Business Office, located in Room 209 of the Aquatic and Fitness Center on Alderman Road. Intramural-Recreational Sports offers four fitness facilities on Grounds. Interested guests should contact the IM-Rec Business Office at 434.924.3791 or

If you so choose, recreational facilities passes may be included in the package you offer to your guests. In addition, fitness rooms, pools, fields, and other facilities may be reserved for use by conferences for programmed recreational activities. Intramural-Recreational Sports can also be contracted to help facilitate team-building activities.

Also see our Recreational Facilities page.

Are classrooms available for conferences to use?

Classrooms are available for use by conference groups, but priority for booking classroom space is given to faculty and to actual scheduled classes, during both the academic year and during summer sessions. Therefore, it is not possible to reserve a classroom or auditorium that is typically in use for classes too far in advance. 

Usually, reservations for classrooms may be made only after the upcoming semester’s class schedule has been released.

How do I submit a request for a conference?

Please go to our Summer Conference Planning Request Form to submit your event's information. You may also contact Conferences@UVA by phone (434.924.4479) or email to discuss your needs and determine availability.